Saturday, January 31, 2009

The most beautiful words!

Jeremy and I went for Bean's 20 week ultrasound this week. We now have a video to share with friends and family and pictures that look like a baby and not an alien. I think he is going to have my lips and Jeremy's chin. The nose is still up for debate! We will post pics and possibly the video as soon as we can get the personal information off of them.

The doctor came to see us after he saw the ultrasound results. He showed us a report that had the word "normal" all over it. He said the report was pretty boring, but I instantly told him "No! I love to hear the word normal". We left as two proud parents and excited to show off our ultrasound video. Sorry to those who we have bored with the ultrasound video, we promise to not show you any diapers.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive thus far. We are excited to be parents and can't wait to hold our boy. Many have asked us if we are nervous. My response to them has been, "I am not really nervous because I look around Wal-Mart and realize I can do this."

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday, Jeremy and I, along with our fantastic neighbors Auvie and Yung, trekked to Atlanta. IT WAS A LONG DAY! We all climbed into Jeremy's truck at 8am CST and headed down I-65 to I-85 to head straight to our second destination (our first was the Stuckey's in GA for a bathroom break and a belly stretch break). Our second destination was the DeKalb International Farmer's Market. This was my first trip and it was amazing, besides the earthy aroma that filled the building. Not great for moms-to-be and the superhuman sense of smell. We saw more fruit, veggies, and meats than I have ever seen before. There were guys lined up like Norton's fishermen cleaning fish like crazy right there in the store. I could only take so much of the meat section though. I have a hard time looking at raw meat these days. Jeremy and I got some wonderful fruits, dried fruits, granola, yogurt (the last three were primarily for me), french sandwich bread, loose tea, basil, thai 'trail mix', and a few over delicious treats.

After a BIG bite to eat at a Thai restuarant in Decatur, we went straight to IKEA (which was the ultimate purpose of the trip) and spent what seemed like FOREVER following the arrows on the floor through the show room. We found a kitchen table and chairs, a computer desk to replace our large one, and storage cabinets for the kitchen. All of this is to baby-prep the house. IKEA ended up not having the pc desk in stock but we have plenty to put together. We loaded the truck as it began to sleet and snow. It was a bit cold, but it really wasn't a problem for Jeremy who had spent all week in Boston. After a very quite and sleepy trip home, we parked in our driveway around 10pm CST.

O, and we got our crib. It was a gift from my mom and stepdad. I picked it out online at JCPenneys where it got some pretty good reviews. We will get it together once the office is cleaned out and it is transitioned into the new guest room. The existing guest room will be the baby's nursery.

Our big ultrasound is next week so keep a look-out for baby details and hopefully a good pic. We will be recording it on a DVD so hopefully we can get it posted online.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Jeremy and I are going to have a bouncing baby boy! The baby sure was proud of his 'parts'. Baby Boy Bean was spread eagle showing the world what he had worked so hard to grow. It was quite a hilarious experience in the ultrasound chair.

We are going back towards the end of January for the BIG ULTRASOUND where they do a lot of measurements and take a closer look at development.

We have been thinking about names but will not officially chose from the finalist list until he gets here. Jeremy is on a mad search for a baby football and I am making decisions about the nursery. We are very excited!

On another great note, my friends Kimberly and Jamie had their first little girl, Brooklyn Marie, on Monday. She is beautiful and has two great parents.