Monday, June 29, 2009

Please excuse me for the moment, but I have to take the time to brag. No.. not about me, but about the wonderful woman I call my wife. In my short stint at being a father I have come to realize very quickly that there are so many things that I cannot do and surprised at how easily they come to Haleigh. I can be at my wits end trying to settle Hunt down, but Haleigh can hold him and sing a few bars of twinkle, twinkle and he stops crying and appears to be in some sort of awe over her voice. I've always thought that I was the patient one in the relationship, but now Haleigh can spend an hour in the floor talking and working on Tummy time with Hunt long after my interest falls to the way side. Haleigh has become a wonderful mother and just seems to know what Hunt is thinking before he does and that is something i cannot do. I am very impressed with the way she has handled being a mother and know that she will continue to impress me as the years go by.

In the almost 4 weeks of parenthood, there are two images stuck in my mind that I will never forget... one being Hunt passed out in his milk coma on Haleigh while she takes a nap and the way those two look at each other(and yes I know he can't see very far or well at this time) when they're awake.

Everyone with kids knows exactly how these moments feel and those without... I can only suggest you find out someday. This is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced.


Andrea said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! That is like one of the sweetest things I have ever heard a MAN say about his wife!!! You sound like a GREAT father just from your observance of your wife and child!!! Congratulations Again you two!

Elli said...

Jeremy, your breed of man is VERY hard to find! Hunt is lucky to have you as a dad so he can learn to be like you. That is just THE sweetest thing I've ever read.